Why I admire Vikki : A belated tribute to the PR agency executive

January 7th, 2014

( First appeared in Vidura Oct-Dec 2013)

Let me call him Vikki. The youngest son of a retired Delhi babu, Vikramaditya realises in his 3rd year BE, that Engineering is not his cup of tea and, calling himself Vikki, enters the exciting world of PR. Vikki is typical – and possibly the mean – of the PR executive population. ‘Vikki’ is apt because when stuck, people turn to him and he is supposed to know everything. ‘Vikki’ is apt, also because he is easily editable even without a murmur.

Having worked with a large number of PR agency executives in the last three decades and having seen many more in action and inaction, not to forget what numerous Corporate Communicators across cities have shared, I believe that Vikki and his colleagues have not received their due credit. Hence this tribute to Vikki, though admittedly, not without the inevitable errors of generalisation.

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