Clarity begins at home: Trust internal communication to create alignment

March 12th, 2014

( First appeared in IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Journal, Feb, 2014)

As a practitioner who has handled 360 degree communication covering all stakeholders, I have often noticed a tendency to assign attention in proportion to outlay. Consequently, internal communication, with its relatively modest budgets, does not get its due from some constituents of the managements. If only, the outcome, and not the outlay, were to be reckoned, businesses would benefit through internal communication, which creates employee alignment, without which there is no sustainable brand or customer satisfaction.

Through this article, I hope more business organisations step up internal communication, with the prior knowledge of likely challenges, pitfalls and essential facilitating attitude. This attempt has been prompted by the diffidence and scepticism that exists at various levels in a large number of organisations.

I hope to inspire Corporate Communicators to participate in change management and co-create history, rather than being just chroniclers of history.

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So, what is your CSR?

March 3rd, 2014

(First appeared in the Hindu Business Line of 3rd March)

India’s new Company Act 2013 and the accompanying rules that have finally been announced will impact the points of intersection between India’s for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The threshold of Rs 5 Crore# annual profit and the minimum 2% of net profits prescribed will force a flood of fresh entrants and funds into the field. This is even after allowing for some of the old wine of on going welfare /civic /environmental schemes in the newly labelled bottles.
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