You can call me a nomadic Indian. My 60 years have been spent across some nine locations (metros to villages) in five Indian states, greatly moulding my identity. Extensive travel around the country and a few visits beyond, have broadened my perspective.

I was fortunate to be encouraged in my early attempts at self-expression. My family allowed me the freedom to choose so I studied Physics followed by Literature. A 21-year old’s bravado at a chance interview by a Bank Chairman started me on a career in Corporate Communications. That was one of my life’s best turns.

Exiting from a corporate job has given me greater opportunities for self-expression through travel, photography and writing. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and supporting causes that deserve it.

I believe that India, secular and democratic (the ultimate state of nationhood), will defeat poverty and will embrace equal opportunity and meritocracy, but not before people assert their right to get governance marked by efficiency and accountability.