Back to college, déjà vu”

Back to college, déjà vu”

thomas August 14, 2011

If you are a male, can you claim to have stayed in a girls’ hostel without breaking rules?

I stayed at Domus Civica for two days in July 2011. A very different experience, and no regrets. That is because, during the vacation months of July to September, rooms are offered for travellers. If you are a male, Domus Civica offers you the unique experience of staying in a girls’ hostel, your morality and purse intact.

The room is small (my single room was odd- shaped and possibly smaller) but has lots of storage including wall mounted bookshelves. The sink in my room was just the type in my chemistry lab. The common bath rooms are clean enough. The lift is a heritage piece. It starts with a shudder and off it goes, harming its steady rickety rhyme. There is no way you can enter or exit it without the wooden doors closing noisily.

If booked in advance as I did, you can get rooms for half the rates quoted at short notice. Incredibly cheap. Domu Civica falls under the youth hostel category though I saw a few families staying there.

Apart from the irresistible price, location is also an advantage. The route from the railway station is uncomplicated by Venetian standards. St Thoma Ferry and Realty are easily reached, you only have to join the tourist flow. Across the road are two eating places and I found that takeaways come with an attractive discount, which I enjoyed and had my dinners in the comfort of my room.

The staff is exceptional and the friendliest I have ever met. Even the confirmatory mail was friendly and warm. They are a bunch of youngsters who take turns at the counter. They seem to consider it their mission to familiarise guests with Venice. One of them spent considerable time explaining the tourist attractions and even offered to Google search for not- so- popular spots I had on my wish list. Exceptional guys and girls!

One catch though : There is no way you can step out before seven in the morning — the sunrise shots I had planned have to wait for the next visit!

At 35 Euros a night, Domus Civica is an inexpensive and delightful nostalgia trip to one’s college days.

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